Colour Blind Test Disclaimer

Why was this site created ?

I am a great fan of procrastination, so I decided to make this website to fulfill my procrastination desires. Are they now fulfilled ? are they fuck ! keep your eyes out for more pointless websites created by me when I am looking for something to replace the work I should actually be doing. In time it should also create a nice stream of traffic which I will probably use to try and sell pointless shit to people who don't really need it - worse than a DFS salesman during a half price sale.

Why is there a disclaimer ?

I made this disclaimer as I wanted to waste even more time writing pointless rubbish. This wastes even more time and stops me from work I should really be doing.

Were any colour blind people harmed during the creation of this website ?

I can put your mind at rest and tell you that not a single colour blind person was harmed in creating this website. They may be slightly offended but that is their own fault, as if they truly are colour blind, then they cannot read the words which appear in the image of the colour blind test and therefore must have asked someone to tell them what it said - blame that person instead as I don't really want to read emails from offended colour blind people. If you want to procrastinate by writing pointless emails to me and expecting a reply, then I am afraid you have got me confused with someone who gives a shit.


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